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We are currently accepting PRE-ORDERS for our Boss Babe and Boujee Empower Showers Starter Kit. With this kit, you will be able to host your own celebration for something that makes you feel empowered whether it's achieving a dream, goal, milestone or just because!

Boss Babe and Boujee Shower Kit

  • The Boss Babe and Boujee Empower Showers Starter Kit will provide you with all the things necessary to celebrate a moment in your life that makes you feel empowered! This kit includes:

    The Inclusive Host Guide:

    • Space Matters
    • Curiousity Matters
    • Hospitality Matters

    Instructions For:

    • Celebration Vision Board Activity
    • Celebration Commitment Sheet (Let’s delegate and prosper)
    • Icebreakers for Connection
    • Community Bingo
    • Community Games and Activities

    Starter Decorations:

    • Word Metallic Balloons matching the celebration type
    • Confetti Balloons

    Parting Gift:

    • Select gifts from our partnered vendors (subject to availability)

    Additional Celebration Activities:

    • “It Takes A Village” Activity
    • “Words Matter” Activity
    • “Smash All The Thangs” Cake Toppers 
    • Custom Invitations
    • Custom Banners
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